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How to Keep Your New Paltz Home Safe From Flooding

10/5/2022 (Permalink)

A large green field on a farm, flooded by more than a foot of water. Regular home maintenance is vital to help keep flooding problems at bay!

All homeowners in Ulster County need to take steps to protect against flooding, even if you’re in a low-risk area. It takes less than an inch of water to do serious damage to your home, and with the unpredictability of weather, that could happen in under an hour.

You can take steps both inside and outside of your home to protect against flooding, but it all starts with understanding our local risks. Here in Ulster County, we face a higher risk of flooding than most, primarily due to our close proximity to the Hudson, the Esopus Creek and other tributaries that can overflow into our streets during storms.

After you fully know what types of weather we may face, you can begin to plan against them.

Protecting Your Home From the Outside

Heavy rainfall can come through out of nowhere, and if you haven’t taken time to prepare your property, you could be at serious risk of suffering water damage. Ensure that your gutters are free of debris likes leaves and sticks and working properly. Consider adding materials like mulch or gravel around the foundation to assist with water distribution around your home.

In addition, you can use landscaping techniques like rain gardens that feature bushes, flowers and small trees to absorb the water before it has a chance to cause a flood. You can also use organic materials like mulch or pine straw to increase water absorption near your home’s structure.

When done properly, these upgrades not only offer some natural beauty but can give your home a layer of protection, helping you to feel safe during the next extreme weather event.

Flood Protection From the Inside

External flooding sources can wreak havoc on your foundation, meaning that you must seal any cracks immediately and think about further steps like installing a sump pump to remove excess water during a severe storm. If flooding has been a consistent problem in your basement, contact a local contractor to see if the area can be sealed from the inside. Try to keep that area as dry as possible with the help of a dehumidifier, just remember to empty it often! Additionally, if you do install a sump pump, advise your homeowner's insurance so it can be added on to your policy.

Flooding can also originate indoors from faulty plumbing, hot water heater malfunctions or faucet leaks, but performing simple home maintenance can go a long way. Monitor your home’s pipes for any leaks, have the hot water heater maintained yearly and have a plumber at the ready!

Whatever the potential causes, floodwater is dangerous and will damage documents and photos quickly, so keep these items in waterproof containers on high shelves. In addition, practice an emergency plan with your family so that everyone knows where to go and what to do in case you experience a flood.

Experienced water damage in your home? Call SERVPRO today to get your restoration completed faster. We're always here to help with an emergency response 24/7.

What Makes a Thunderstorm in Ulster County So Dangerous |SERVPRO of Kingston/New Paltz

8/30/2022 (Permalink)

A view out of a window of black skies, heavy rain and white lightning strikes Thunderstorms should always be taken very seriously and can cause injuries and significant property damage!

Gray clouds, rumbles from the sky, light rain starting. You can almost watch it roll in over the Hudson and across to Highland. We all know this is the beginning of a thunderstorm.

These common storms tend to peak during the spring and summer and can bring with them some serious damage if the conditions are right. Many times the combination of hail, strong winds, lightning and flooding can lead to serious damage to personal and commercial property, as well as impact the lives of the people exposed to the weather.

A thunderstorm is any storm that has thunder and lightning. For it to be identified as a severe thunderstorm, it must contain hail that is at least one inch in diameter and straight-line winds that are (at minimum) 58 miles per hour..

Take a look at some ways that this weather pattern can create hazards so that you can prepare and keep your family, property and pets safe the next time one comes through Ulster County.

The 3 Main Types of Hazards Associated with Thunderstorms

Injury and damage due to lightning strikes. Lightning strikes rank at the top of the hazard list for thunderstorms because it is reported that they cause around 300 injuries every year. On top of this, the damage that it can do to property can include house fires or toppling trees that may fall on homes, vehicles or businesses. While you may not see lightning, by definition, it comes with every thunderstorm, so due use caution amidst this possibility.

Hail damage. Not only does hail sound frightening against roofs and windows, it generally does as much damage as it sounds like it could. In severe storms, when the hail is classified as being one inch or larger, there is a chance of serious damage to cars that are not under cover, people and pets who are not adequately protected and very significant damages to roofs and sidings of homes. Given the speed at which hail can fall, it makes this a force to be reckoned with.

Flash flooding. While flooding can be a serious issue for areas that aren’t generally thought of as probable for flooding, flash flooding is common and can happen very quickly. Flash floods can cause many problems any time there is heavy rainfall for a variety of reasons. If a storm drain is clogged and begins to back up or small ditches are filled with water, the rain can turn these things into life-threatening flooding scenarios in the blink of an eye. Roadways should be approached with great caution if there is standing water due to the flooding and drivers should be aware of the possibility of damage to their vehicle if they attempt to cross a flooded roadway.

Additionally, in extreme storm cases- as we saw in April of 2022, flooding can cause ground water to seep into your foundation when it has nowhere else to go. The higher the water in the basement area, the more dangerous it becomes as it gets closer to electrical lines and utilities.  Sump pumps and reassessing water drainage paths outside your home can help thwart a very big headache.

While they are common, the severity of a thunderstorm can change depending on the circumstances and could be a cause of notable damage to person and property.

If you experience damage to your home or business, SERVPRO of Kingston/New Paltz is on standby and always ready to help.

Our staff is available for emergencies 24/7, faster to any size disaster!

The Many Ways Storm Damage Can Affect Your Kingston Home

8/26/2022 (Permalink)

Several large trees laying on top and on the side of a gray colored house. Being diligent about storm prep as yearly maintenance to your home can make a huge difference when a major storm comes through Ulster County.

Extreme weather events are a common occurrence in Ulster County. We've seen our fair share of ice storms, large amounts of snow, straight line winds and seemingly endless below freezing temps. Regardless of the house you have, everyone faces some risk of suffering damage. These severe storms can bring high-velocity winds, hail and many other hazards in minutes.

The type of storm, combined with your home’s condition, the landscape and many other factors, will help determine the level of damage that you might see.

Although all of us should have a good amount of knowledge on storm damage, it’s particularly important for us here in New York, where severe weather is common. Flooding and high-powered storms are the most common events that we see, so our government has created this Weather Emergency Preparedness Site so that we can be ready for what may happen in our region.

Now, let’s look at the main types of storm damage and how you can mitigate or even prevent them from happening:


Wind damage happens when buildings experience high gusts, but this doesn’t only happen with tornadoes and hurricanes. Thunderstorms can also cause dangerous winds of up to 100 mph.

These wind speeds mean that your home could be struck by heavy debris like mailboxes, limbs, rocks and small vehicles.

You should always take shelter far from windows or glass doors and heed local weather alerts to know what’s coming. Also, take time before the storm arrives to clear limbs, rocks or other debris from your property.


When storms produce heavy rainfall, water can pool and begin a flash flood in under 30 minutes. This means that thousands of gallons could be poured onto your land, seeping inside your doors and through the cracks in your walls.

To reduce the amount of water that your home sees, you might want to landscape your property in ways that will direct water away instead of pooling it nearby. You can also build a rain garden on your property, which can help soak up heavy rainfall and reduce flooding risks. If your basement is prone to flooding or pooling water, consider installing a sump pump to help avoid a bigger problem.

Lastly, keep your home in good condition with routine and necessary maintenance. Make sure your gutters and roof are clear of debris to prevent an overload of water from damaging your home from top to bottom. A yearly roof inspection can help deter issues with loose or missing shingles as well as gutter problems that should be tackled before severe weather.


The last main kind of storm damage is from impacts. This may seem obvious, but the causes can be anything from a fallen tree to a mailbox flying through the air. The best way to avoid disastrous impacts is to ensure no trees around your home are at risk of falling or losing limbs.

Weather disasters resulted in an estimated $145 billion in damages last year in this country. This is why it’s important to follow these steps and take action before the storm strikes. This could save you money and stress associated with recovering from a disaster.

If your home is shuttered by storm damage, call SERVPRO of Kingston/New Paltz immediately. We have teams of experts that will come in fast and have your home back to its preloss condition before you know it!

When you suffer storm-related damage to your home or business, it’s important that you know who to call! Contact us today to get your storm damage restoration started faster.

SERVPRO Is Ready to Tackle All of Your Restoration Needs at Your Ulster County Property

8/4/2022 (Permalink)

A team of SERVPRO professionals unloading equipment from a green SERVPRO van and bringing it into a commercial building. No matter what kind of property or damage you have, SERVPRO of Kingston/New Paltz can handle every aspect of it!

Our SERVPRO location is locally operated and owned independently, meaning that we understand the hardships of being a business owner. Besides running the day-to-day operations, you have to focus on all of the little details to be a success. And when a disaster comes and knocks you down, it can be extremely hard to get back up.

Unfortunately, no one can stop a severe weather event, but we all should be prepared for them and take action before they affect us.

Along with commercial damage, we understand that suffering damage to your home can be heartbreaking as well. Managing your emotions while trying to recover can be extremely overwhelming, no matter the type of damage.

To make sure you’re ready to handle the destruction, you should form an emergency plan. This starts by learning the kinds of disasters that we face most often.

The American Red Cross does more than providing disaster relief—they’ve compiled this website to help with general disaster preparedness. Our local Ulster County government has created the Division of Emergency Management to educate us on what disasters we’ll likely face here in our region. This page includes details of how you can take action and an evacuation plan.

It’s probable that all business owners and homeowners will suffer damage of some kind during their lives. However, these don’t have to spell the end of your home or business if you act fast and stop severe damage from happening. This is why we should be first on your list for restoration:

Why Choose SERVPRO?

We understand that no two situations are alike. Many events across the country require restoration all year long, but none of them are identical.

As evidence of this, there are at least 14 million homes at risk of flooding annually, but the level of damage and the restoration needed will change depending on the situation.

Our team is trained to handle damage of any size, so you have nothing to worry about. We analyze every factor that might change your restoration needs to provide you with the best options.

We are available 24 hours a day. It’s extremely important to know that you must always act fast with restoration. Not only will this get you back in your home or business sooner, but it can limit the damage and costs associated with restoring it.

Imagine water seeping inside your home—it will likely damage your flooring, fabrics and furniture immediately. Even worse, as water is allowed to soak in, it will allow mold to grow exponentially throughout the affected areas. This is why our team is on call 247 so that you can get started right away.

We provide more than simply damage restoration. Along with fixing any damage around your property, we can take over everything else you could need, too.

Our team can help you pack up valuables to prevent more damage, and anything else that could improve your situation. Our goal is always to provide the best assistance we can to make this terrible process go over a lot smoother.

Whatever type of disaster brings damage your way, the professionals at SERVPRO of Kingston/New Paltz will always respond fast. Our expert team is trained to use industry-leading equipment so that you can be back inside your home or business sooner.

When you suffer damage to your home or business, it’s important that you know who to call! We're here to help, contact us today to get restoration started.

It’s Not Just the Flames that Do the Damage to Your Highland Home

8/4/2022 (Permalink)

A photo of a basement with burned wooden beams and scorched and charred walls. Soot and water damage do just as much damage as the fire itself. Call the experienced pros to handle it all if you're dealing with a fire!

Whether it’s at your Highland home or your Saugerties business, a fire is a devastating occurrence. Once the flames are out, the next steps are often confusing at to who to call, what the cleanup truly entails and what kind of damage has really been done.

Horrible flames are what most of us think of, but the fire itself isn’t always what causes the most damage. Smoke, soot and water damage go together with a fire, no matter the type, and it’s vital to work with a trusted and reliable restoration company that understands how to handle all these issues, work with your insurance company and get you back to preloss condition as soon as possible.

The Types of Damage That Fires Can Cause 

Smoke Damage Smoke inhalation is the #1 cause of fire-related deaths, and smoke damage is also one of the most severe ways a structure can be impacted after a fire. Smoke seeps into absolutely everything, damaging furniture, walls, flooring, even the furthest rooms. For areas not physically touched by the flames, paint discoloration, corroded appliances and unbearable odors can all be expected following simply due to the smoke. 

Soot Damage- Soot is an inescapable, nasty substance that WILL cover nearly anything in a layer of extremely hazardous film. Soot is the deposit that smoke leaves behind, which often contains many chemicals as a result of the burning of plastics and other combustibles. Not only can soot linger on items, but it can also infiltrate the ducts of the HVAC system in a home or business leading to contaminated air quality. Hiring an experienced restoration company that can also clean out your HVAC system and ductwork is key to improving the air quality.

Water Damage Whether it is from firefighting efforts or automated sprinkler systems, water damage and fire damage are often intertwined. Not only can water damage result in additional damage to susceptible items such as electronics, but it can also result in mold growth if it is not removed quickly by a professional. In the right humidity and temperatures, mold will start to grow within 48 hours.

Though putting out the fire should always be the first concern, it is important that cleanup and restoration is done properly and efficiently in order to mitigate as much damage as possible and to avoid secondary issues.

SERVPRO of Kingston/New Paltz has been the trusted, LOCAL fire and water damage remediation company since 1992. We have the certified professionals who will handle any remediation needed, in either a commercial or residential property and get you back to normal quickly. Our professionals are on standby and ready to mobilize 24/7.

If your home or business has been impacted by a fire, we are here to help! We’re here to help make it “Like it never even happened.”

Is Your New Paltz Business Ready in Case of an Emergency?

8/3/2022 (Permalink)

An example of a binder version and a cell phone version of the SERVPRO Emergency Preparedness Program Make sure your New Patlz business has emergency info at the ready, call SERVPRO of Kingston/New Paltz to fnd out how!

Being a business or commercial property owner in Kingston, New Paltz, Highland, Saugerties or Rosendale, there are some ESSENTIAL STEPS that you and your employees need to be aware of in case of a disaster or emergency:

-Do you have an Emergency Evacuation Plan in place? Has your staff reviewed and updated it as needed?

-Does everyone know where the emergency shut-offs are for utilities like electric or gas?

-Do you have the vital contacts and phone numbers available at a moment’s notice for everyone at your business?

SERVPRO of Kingston/New Paltz offers an Emergency Ready Profile (ERP) for at no cost to you. Our business is about being prepared and taking care of disasters at a moment’s notice, so we know how important it is to be ready for whatever happens!

We work with local businesses every day to help develop an easy tool, customized to your business’s vital information, available as an app for your phone and in hard copy as well. This resource is loaded with the necessary information you and your employees can keep for super quick access! 

What is an ERP?

A snapshot of everything you may need to know in case of an emergency at your building or property. This includes:

  • Photos, locations, and contacts info for utility shutoff locations (i.e. water, gas, alarms, etc.)
  • Emergency Personnel Contact Information, updated as often as needed
  • Emergency Protocols, plus recommendations as businesses change
  • Floor or Building Plans 
  • Smart Phone App and Hard Copy Binder for quick access of info no matter where.

Why do it?

  • It’s FREE and It’s EASY, we’ll take care of it all for you!
  • Comprehensive document that has all the vital information needed in one spot
  • Easy to understand and read for all personnel
  • Access Available 24/7
  • Peace of mind knowing you have a plan in place and the safety of all will not be compromised.

We have completed over 800 ERPs for other local businesses in the Hudson Valley and Ulster County area. Let us help you be prepared. We’re here to help no matter when and will get you back to business quickly if disaster ever strikes!

Contact SERVPRO of Kingston/New Paltz to get an ERP started today!

Trust the Pros in Damage Restoration at your Kingston Business

8/1/2022 (Permalink)

Tons of SERVPRO green equipment lined up against the wall of a commercial building. Don't fall prey to a company who can't handle damage at your business. Call SERVPRO of Kingston/New Paltz, the leaders in commercial restoration.

Sometimes life throws a mess your way and out of nowhere, you’re dealing with flooding, sewage or fire and smoke damage at the Kingston business you’ve worked so hard to build.

No matter the cause, whether a heavy storm or an act of nature, chances are you might need to make a quick decision on who can help you get your home back to normal.

When you’re choosing a restoration partner to get your business back up and running, there are a few important questions that you should most definitely ask.

Is It a Legit Company?

Keep In Mind: Not everyone who shows up after a disaster is there with your best interest in mind. Often times, there are scammers who do nothing other than flee with your money. It’s unfortunate and happens every time there’s damage reported. Companies will show up promising everything but never having the experience or the credibility to handle everything you, your staff and your company needs to get back to normal.

As for credentials, experience, examples, what insurance companies are they affiliated with, can they handle a large commercial loss? These are great questions that will weed out those who aren't legitimate restoration companies.

With SERVPRO of Kingston/New Paltz as your partner in restoration, you can rest assured that we are no newcomers to this situation. We have been locally owned and operated in this industry for over 30 years, and have worked hard to earn a reputation that shows how we put our customers first.

We are also trusted by national brands like the PGA Tour. The PGA Tour accepts nothing less than high-quality service to maintain their facilities and tour stops. We have national account status with State Farm Insurance and many other insurance companies, no matter who the carrier is.

Additionally, our company is Large-Loss Certified, therefore, we have the staff, resources and equipment to handle any size disaster. Whether you have 500 or 500,000 sq. feet, we’ve got you covered and are here to help with an emergency response.

Can They Be Reached?

When disaster strikes your business, time is not on your side. You need to be assured that you have someone that you can contact at any given day or time.

That’s why we are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We have a live staff ready to help no matter the time of day or holiday. We work hard so that you don’t have to and know that you need people that you can depend on.

Who Else Can Help?

SERVPRO of Western Dutchess County is locally owned and operated, which means we see our community members as family. We all live, work and raise our families right here in the Hudson Valley and we are ready to act the second disaster strikes.

But, unfortunately, there are times in which there is a surge of neighbors needing our help, and in that case, you can be confident that with a nationwide network of SERVPRO franchises to back us, we will still have you well taken care of.

When you call SERVPRO of Kingston/New Patlz, you can rest easy knowing your business has the trusted leader in the restoration industry on the other end of the line. When disaster hits home, contact us to get our local experts and nationwide network on your side.

Fire Prevention Tips For Your New Kingston Home!

7/14/2022 (Permalink)

A small home surrounded by trees with huge orange flames bursting out of each side window in the roof area. Make yourself a fire prevention checklist before moving into your new home!

Moving into a new home of any kind in the Ulster County area brings with it many things to think about throughout the process. While a home inspection can give you important knowledge regarding general maintenance and structural soundness, once the place officially becomes yours, it is important to do your own inspection to evaluate the fire safety of the home. Many new homeowners in the Hudson Valley have lived in apartment or condo style homes before, so there could be some elements in your new place that you might not have considered previously.

Depending on the history of the property, you may need to make improvements before moving in so you can be certain that you will be fire-safe from the moment you unlock your new front door. Here are some key things to check for:

Doing a Fire Safety Inspection for Your New Home

Check the Smoke Detectors

The first thing you will want to check is the smoke detectors in the home, as over half of deaths. You will not only want to use the smoke detectors’ “test” feature to make sure they are functional, but you will also want to make sure that enough alarms have been installed throughout the home to keep everyone safe regardless of what room they are in. You should have a smoke detector on every floor, in every sleeping area and near the kitchen at a minimum.

Look Around for Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers are something that usually gets sold with the house, but it is important to still check them if the previous owners left them behind. While fire extinguishers do not come with a hard expiration date, they do not last forever. You can easily check them by checking the

pressure gauge—if the needle is in the green part of the gauge, the extinguisher should still be functional. You should also make sure you have the right type of fire extinguisher; while many household models are multipurpose, some are only rated to put out certain types of fires.

Check and Empty the Dryer Vent

Though you are probably in the habit of clearing out your dryer’s lint trap every time you transfer in a load of laundry, inspecting the external vent is also something that should be done when you move in as lint is highly flammable. You can do this by pulling your dryer away from the wall and checking the vent that goes to the outside in order to prevent any debris or clothes lint from catching fire suddenly.

Have the Air Ducts Cleaned

If you have a central heat and air conditioning unit in the home, a good rule of thumb for better indoor air quality is to have the duct work inspected and cleaned. Over time, the unit collects debris, dust, pollen, dander and pollutants. While this is normal, the ducts get overloaded and can’t clean the air as needed and your system will work harder to maintain the environment.

Moving into a new home is exciting and is sure to bring years of wonderful memories. Should you ever experience fire or water damage, need your dryer vent or ducts cleaned, count on SERVPRO of Kingston/New Paltz to be there! Here to help with an emergency response 24 hours a day!

SERVPRO’s Commitment to Damage Restoration Services in Kingston

7/8/2022 (Permalink)

A SERVPRO employee in white PPE using a hepa-vacuum to clean remaining debris in an attic. Trust the Certified Pros at SERVPRO of Kingston/New Paltz no matter the property damage emergency!

If you're dealing with fire, smoke, water or a sewage backup to your Kingston home or business, choosing the right restoration company is one of the smartest things you can prioritize as you work towards recovery. You want a company that can handle the issue quickly and seamlessly and has the experience to do so.

If your damage is due to a larger disaster like a storm, you want to work with a company that has the resources, experience and training to help the entire area, but also one that is true and legitimate.

Regardless of what your damage is, you can count on your local SERVPRO® crew to make it right. From fire to water and every damage in between, we will always be there with unparalleled customer service and rapid response to help you.

What Is The SERVPRO® Difference?

Our commitment to our community in Ulster County

Unfortunately, after a large-scale disaster, there will many unethical companies that target an impacted area and attempt to take advantage of people in need. Because we are such an active member of the local communities in Highland, Kingston, Woodstock, New Paltz, Saugerties, Esopus and Kerhonkson, you never have to worry about that with us. We have been locally owned and operated since 1992 and have assisted more than 75,000 area customers with their residential and commercial damages ever since.

Our Commitment to Our Employees

When you hire a restoration company, you are hiring a crew to come into your home, handle your personal items and return your life to preloss condition. To further ensure you are always getting the best service possible, we only hire the best technicians and constantly train them using the highest restoration industry standards so you can rest assured that your property is in good hands.

Our Commitment to Excellent Service

Our 24/7 emergency line is always staffed by live people ready to take your call. You can call us no matter the time or day to report your damage. We'll begin assembling and dispatching crew to get your damage treated quickly. When it comes to restoration, acting quickly is of utmost importance, we'll never leave you wondering when we'll get there, our teams will communicate and act efficiently throughout the entire process. We’re here to help with an emergency response.

If you need and kind of damage restoration services for your home or business, call the local pros. Contact us anytime at 845-255-4334 and let SERVPRO® be your trusted restoration partner.

New and Clever Ideas to Help Prevent a Fire in Your Kingston Home

6/21/2022 (Permalink)

The doorway of a bedroom with blackened walls and a charred frame with damage up to the ceiling Smart thinking for fire prevention at your home can really make a huge difference!

Even though house fires seem like less of a concern in the spring and summer months, they are still a huge concern for everyone in the Hudson Valley. It’s astounding that so far in 2022 the American Red Cross has assisted at over 20,000 house fires, which is only a small portion of the total number.

It’s always a smart idea to check your smoke detectors regularly, as they continue to be the best way to prevent any loss of life or extensive damage. Ensuring that you have complete coverage begins with a smoke detector in every bedroom, every floor and in places like the kitchen where appliances that generate heat exist.

Along with having the right equipment, there are many simple tasks you can complete that will also help lower your risk of suffering a house fire.

Cleaning Your Hazardous Appliances

In Ulster County, we are proud to have many historic and legendary buildings all throughout our region. However, these buildings are likely outfitted with appliances and machines that are older than most.

Ancient appliances are more likely to malfunction and result in a fire because of their extended use and lack of safety mechanisms to prevent accidental disasters. Cleaning them regularly and checking them for any damage is the best way to prevent destruction.

Along with cleaning these appliances frequently, reducing the clutter in your home can allow proper airflows through it, reducing the chance that anything overheats and ignites.

Overloaded extension cords are another frequent cause of fires inside the home. When too many devices are plugged in, these devices are unable to handle the electricity and can burst into flames themselves.

Additionally, you should leave plenty of space between furniture and wall outlets to allow for proper air flow and prevent overheating.

Create a Defensible Space in Your Yard

When a fire begins outside and spreads toward your home, the surrounding land that constitutes your yard is the last thing preventing the flames from coming in. In recent years, landscaping techniques designed to prevent fires have become increasingly popular.

These strategies help protect your home from succumbing to a fire, and they allow emergency service workers to do their jobs with ample space. They have been so successful at preventing fires, that states are beginning to enforce defensible zone requirements for yards.

Requirements like these won’t stop you from planting your annual garden or refreshing your floral arrangement—instead, they focus on placing your plants in strategic locations that limit the amount of fuel fires have to burn. It’s also smart to remove any dead plants or leaves, as these are extra flammable and will keep fires going.

Keep It Clean & Keep It Safe

In addition to maintaining your appliances and yard, setting a good spring-cleaning routine can help you limit fire hazards. Set a block of time, roughly a week, that you will spend a bit of time each day working on it. This will help lighten the load and accomplish it piece by piece.

However, taking steps toward fire prevention doesn’t have to be a complex regimen. Easy jobs like dusting regularly can help reduce the risk of a fire. Focus heavily on dust near any appliance or outlet, as these are likely spots for dust fires to begin.

If you're dealing with fire damage in your home OR business, call us 24/7. SERVPRO of Kingston/New Paltz is always here to help!