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Fire Prevention Tips for your Woodstock, Saugerties, New Paltz or Kingston Home

8/12/2021 (Permalink)

A large home with it's roof on fire while firefighters spray water on it. This could happen to your home in less than 3 minutes. Learn all you can about fire prevention!

A fire can happen in less than 3 minutes. It’s scary to think that there is such little time to get everyone to safety, however there are many things you can do in your home to prevent fires, most of them quite simple too.

-Install smoke detectors in the right spots- When placed in the correct locations in your home, it’s your best bet of getting to safety quickly.

-Test your smoke detector batteries once a month. Set a reminder on your phone to make it consistent. Keep in mind that smoke detectors have a life of 8-10 years, replace them when needed.  

-Inspect heating sources and have regular maintenance performed on them.

-Keep the oven and stove clear of anything- Make sure there are no curtains, towels, cookbooks, or anything flammable by or on the stove and oven. Kitchen fires are the most common places for house fires. Stay in the kitchen when cooking. Make sure pot handles are turned in and don’t leave the room with any food cooking. Turn off everything and take the pot or pan off the heat if you need to leave the room.

-Keep fire extinguishers handy- Have one in the kitchen and other high-risk areas like a fireplace or garage. Learn the P.A.S.S system for how to use it effectively.

-Check the dryer and have dryer vent cleanings performed once a year. The build up of lint, dust and debris is a significant fire hazard.

-Maintain electrical cords- don’t keep them under a rug as cords produce heat. Use extension cords sparingly and unplug appliances that feel warm. Don’t plug in appliances to an extension cord, plug them directly into the wall. Check for fraying or damage and replace immediately.

-Locate the utility shut-offs- All utilities have shut-off valves or switches in or on your home. Gas, appliances, circuit breakers, and water. Make sure all family members know where, when and how to use them.

-Keep flammable products away from heat sources- aerosols and hair products, cleaners, and shaving cream and combustibles like paint and gas should be kept in a cool, dark place.

-Never, ever, leave candles unattended- Keep them in secure, tip-proof holders and never near curtains or blankets. Set a reminder on your phone to extinguish them before leaving or sleeping. Check and double check that a cooling candle is nowhere anything that can burn.

-Practice fireplace safety- put a metal screen in front of the area, don’t leave the fireplace unattended and place the ashes in a metal container. Do not put the ashes in a plastic bag or any other vessel, you’d be surprised how long ashes can stay hot. Have a chimney cleaner come at least once a year to prevent build up that could cause a fire.

-Prevent wildfires- Keep a bucket of water available if you’re using a fire pit, having a bonfire or using a burn barrel. If you smoke, keep it outside and always have a water source to extinguish. It only takes one spark!

-Know your location- firefighters need an exact address, make sure every family member knows it.

Learn all you can about fire prevention and talk it over with your family members. If you do ever experience fire damage, call the trained experts at SERVPRO of Kingston/New Paltz 24/7, we’re here to help and make it "Like it never even happened."

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