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Clogged up dryer vents in your Ulster County home

Remembering to clean the dryer vents in and duct work in your home is not a top priority these days. SERVPRO of Kingston/New Paltz understands how busy things c... READ MORE

Kingston apartments suffer levels of water damage

Sometimes, appliances and equipment just malfunction. You can do your best to keep up with the maintenance and servicing, but sometimes they just can't do their... READ MORE

Not only does fire cause damage in your Ulster home, it’s the smoke and soot that really spread

What was deemed a small fire from an overheated battery pack in a bedroom, ended up spreading an acrid smoke smell and nasty soot deep in the walls, down the ha... READ MORE

Mold can happen anywhere, including this vehicle in Saugerties!

When mold has a comfy home of the right temps and consistent moisture, it has few boundaries, including cars in Ulster County! You don’t often think of mo... READ MORE

Puff backs- when angry furnaces create big problems!

This is called a puff back. A puff back is a misfiring in the furnace that, at its worst, can send soot throughout your home. It requires extensive cleaning and... READ MORE

Fire does damage, but water does the most damage to this commercial property

An electrical fire in the attic of this commercial building wasn't large and thankfully no one got hurt. However, the smoke and soot traveled extensively throug... READ MORE

Amazing how water travels and the damage it can cause

Unfortunately, a pipe in the walls of this guest bathroom had been clogged and leaking repeatedly, affecting not only this room but ended up causing damage to t... READ MORE

Frozen pipe causes extensive water damage in Newburgh, NY home

This unfortunate family was away on vacation during an unexpected deep freeze that lasted for a few days over their holiday and a pipe ended up bursting, unnoti... READ MORE

Sewage backup? What NOT to do in your Ulster County home or business

Imagine waking up one morning to find a sewage line that was supposed to be going out of your home, backed up and gurgling nasty stuff through your home. Or sme... READ MORE

Large scale water loss in warehouse in Newburgh, NY

It was a huge amount of water that affected this warehouse in Newburgh, NY when a pressure relief valve in a ladies room burst. Thankfully, the issue was discov... READ MORE