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What Do I Do If a Pipe Bursts in My Saugerties Home?

1/12/2021 (Permalink)

A steady stream of water coming out of a ceiling onto bedroom furniture from a burst pipe in the ceiling. This burst pipe occurred while the owner was out of town. The neighbor was able to get the water turned off but the owner came back to one soggy home!

No one ever wants to experience and then deal with water damage in their home, but one of the most significant types of water damage—a burst pipe—is extra difficult to handle. When a pipe bursts, it’s able to pump large volumes of water into an area in a short amount of time, leading to serious damage to walls, floors, contents and appliances that can come about fast.

Many people put off planning for water damage as the situation seems hypothetical but putting a plan in place is one of the best things you can do. Out of every 50 homes, one will have water damage in a year, but those who are prepared tend to have a much better time recovering.

Know What to Do If You Discover a Burst Pipe-

*Locate and Shut Off the Water Main. If a burst pipe is left unattended, it can continue to pour water into a room indefinitely. Knowing where your home’s water main is located and being able to turn it off quickly can help curb some of the damage.

*Shut off your electricity. If you can safely get to your breaker box, cutting that off is the next thing you should do to prevent water and electricity from coming into contact and causing further issues. Do NOT enter a room where electric and water have come in contact with each other. Your local electric provider will handle it from the outside.

*Contact a restoration company. When there is water damage, acting quickly is key—which is why we recommend having a restoration company chosen before you ever need them. This way, you can place the call immediately after discovering damage to start the process. Choose one with long time experience, positive online reviews and most importantly, 24/7 service specializing in emergency restoration. The quicker the better, as long-term damage leads to secondary and much more costly issues like structural damage and mold growth.

*Call your insurance company and take a record of the damages. Being able to keep thorough records is a great way to keep things organized, both on your behalf and on the behalf of your insurance company. Taking photos, videos and keeping a list can keep you from forgetting about anything amidst the chaos. Every insurance policy has different coverages for different situations. Calling your insurance carrier promptly will help speed the claim process and restoration time frame up. Many have 24 claims centers as well.

*Open windows and doors if possible. Reducing drying time is key for reducing the overall damage, so if you can safely do so, opening windows and doors in addition to wiping up water is a great way to take some moisture out of the equation.

If you have water damage in your home due to a burst pipe, ice damming or appliance malfunction, you can count on us for quick restoration assistance. Contact us at any time, 24/7 no matter the day or the disaster. SERVPRO of Kingston/New Paltz is always here to help.

Resources to Help You Choose the Right Commercial Services After a Disaster | SERVPRO® of Kingston/New Paltz

1/8/2021 (Permalink)

A woman in a black and white striped shirt with black hair sitting in front of her computer on her cell phone. Don't choose just any commercial restoration company for your business! Select a partner with a proven record of excellence in damage restoration.

When it comes to your Ulster County business, it’s essential to have any commercial restoration work done right. Whether your business needs help cleaning up after a fire, a busted pipe or another disaster, business owners should look for a partner that can do the work from cleanup through restoration and do an excellent job at every phase.

But when the time comes to choose a commercial restoration partner after a disaster, it can feel overwhelming. After all, the issue you’re dealing with impacts your livelihood and success. That’s why it’s a good idea to put some thought into it beforehand.

Taking the First Steps

If you’re dealing with a disaster, this advice from the Insurance Information Institute can help you get the process started:

Reach out to your insurance company. As soon as you realize your business is damaged, this step can help you get the process rolling.

Make sure your space and records are secure. Don’t leave your business and essential information vulnerable.

Make a list of damaged assets. You’ll need this information for the insurance company.

Take pictures, if you can. Debris and destroyed items may need to be documented.

Choosing a Restoration Partner

You’ll also want to choose a company to work with that can meet your needs and provide you and your business with exemplary service. Here are some of the things to look for when you’re choosing a commercial restoration service:

Find a company with highly trained experts using the latest technology. You’ll feel better knowing that the people working on your businesses have the training and certifications needed to deal with disaster cleanup. You’ll also benefit if they have access to technology to make the cleaning process faster and easier.

Choose a partner with excellent customer service. Communication is vital when your business suffers a disaster. You’ll want to work with a team who answers the phone when you call—who is available when you need help.

Select a team that understands disaster cleanup. Many companies can do regular cleaning around your business, but it takes special training and skills to handle a fire, storm or another type of disaster. Be sure the company you choose is experienced in restoration work that goes beyond cleaning.

SERVPRO of Kingston/New Paltz has been helping Hudson Valley businesses recover from property damage for 29 years. We’re here to help 24/7 at (845)255-4334.

Natural Gas Furnace Safety Basics to Help Prevent Winter Fires at Your Ulster County Business

1/6/2021 (Permalink)

A photo of several rows of blue flames from a gas furnace lighting Extra fire safety in the winter time is a must for any Ulster County business!

Winters can be long and cold, especially in the Hudson Valley. While most businesses find themselves turning up the heat during the cold months of the year to accommodate for drafty doors and windows, it’s especially important to help keep everyone safe as well during our cold, snowy winters.

Natural gas furnaces have become more popular in recent years because they provide steady heat and can be both affordable and efficient options. Since a lot of businesses are housed in old homes and not necessarily a large commercial structure, residential gas furnace safety measures should be followed. Take care to learn the type of furnace your company or property has so you can stay ahead of the maintenance.

However, if you choose a natural gas furnace, then you’ll need to remember to take some safety precautions that aren’t necessary when using electric heating.

Making Your Property Safer with a Natural Gas Furnace

Here’s what you need to know about heating with natural gas:

Be sure you have carbon monoxide detectors installed. These inexpensive detectors are a vital safety feature for any building with natural gas heating. They detect carbon monoxide, which is odorless before it becomes dangerous to humans. Many are combination smoke detectors/carbon monoxide detector and are an efficient way cover all the bases for detection.

Keep anything flammable away from the furnace. To use your natural gas furnace safely, it needs to be clear of papers, wood, fabric and debris on all sides. Also, consider sweeping around the furnace on a regular basis, so the area stays clear. Don’t store items like paint cans and chemicals near the furnace, keep cardboard and storage boxes away and on shelves. Avoid propping up ladders, shovels and other maintenance tools on the furnace as well.

Check your filters regularly. Looking to see if your filter needs to be changed once a month is enough to make your furnace safer.

Don’t neglect regular service. Even if your furnace is working, it’s worth having a heating and air professional take a yearly look at it to let you know it’s in good shape. This is a great way to also catch issues before they become more expensive repairs.

Evacuate the building if you smell natural gas. Most people note that natural gas smells like rotten eggs. If you notice this odor, shut off your gas and leave the building. Call 911 to report it and follow their instructions for safety and the next steps. Then call to have your unit serviced and the gas leak found and repaired asap.

If you’re dealing with any type of fire, water, sewage or storm damage to your business, don’t hesitate to call SERVPRO of Kingston/New Paltz. We’ve been the LOCAL experts in commercial property remediation for over 29 years. We’re available and here to help 24/7 for any emergency.

The Way Water Damage Incidents Are Classified and Categorized In Your New Paltz Home or Business

12/16/2020 (Permalink)

A section of a white ceiling with bubbled, brown-stained paint showing damage Every water damage situation is different. Contact the local experts at SERVPRO of Kingston/New Paltz today no matter what type of damage!

Water damage is always a serious and frustrating thing to discover in your business or home, but did you know that all water damage events are not considered equal? There are some types of water damage that are not as severe as others, and while any water damage should receive professional attention, the restoration work can range from minor to extensive.

Water damage is divided into classes and categories—the classes have to do with the amount of water and how densely the impacted area is soaked, while the categories have to do with the type of water causing the damage.

Below, we will take a look at both so you can be better prepared when your restoration team arrives.

The Classes of Water Damage-

Class One Water Damage: Class one water damage impacts a small area of a room and low-absorbent materials such as wood, tile or concrete.

Class Two Water Damage: Class two water damage impacts an entire room and has soaked into materials such as carpets or cushions but does not rise higher than two feet up the walls.

Class Three Water Damage: Typically from overhead sources such as burst pipes, class three water damage will saturate insulation, walls, carpets and subfloors in an entire room.

Class Four Water Damage: This water damage refers to specialty situations, such as when plaster, hardwood, brick and stone are impacted by water damage in any regard.

The Categories of Water Damage-

Category One: Category one water, often referred to as clear water, is water from any sanitary source such as a faucet or toilet tank.

Category Two: Also known as gray water, category two water comes from washing machines, drains or dishwashers, and contains contaminants that can be harmful if touched or ingested.

Category Three: The most dangerous of all types, category three or black water, is sourced from sewer backups or floodwaters which have become contaminated or category one or two water that has been allowed to sit for some time.

No 2 water damages are the same. Each class and category are analyzed carefully and then a custom strategy of remediation to your contents and structure is planned and executed. 

If you have water damage of any kind, we can tackle it. Contact our expert restoration specialists at any time to report your repairs or just to learn more. SERVPRO of Kingston/New Paltz will help make it "Like it never even happened."

Think Ahead and Prepare Your Port Ewen Business for Disaster

12/16/2020 (Permalink)

a man sitting on the floor of an office on a cell phone with an orange banner above him saying "Call us." Having a plan in place for disaster recovery for your business can help you get back on your feet again efficiently and effectively!

It's vital to have an Emergency Plan in place should your business ever suffer a disaster!

Experiencing a disaster like storm damage, a fire, or a long-term, unexpected closure, as a business owner, can be a massive issue. There are so many questions about what to do and how to recover, with the priorities being to ensure everyone’s safety and if or how to continue operations as quickly as possible. 

To help avoid being overwhelmed after a disaster strikes, it’s important to have a plan in place now for how you can handle a disaster that impacts your business. Planning in advance can reduce the damage a disaster causes, keep your staff safer—and most importantly, help you in reopening quicker after the danger passes.

Take a look at these strategies for success:

Reduce the Damage a Disaster Causes to Your Business 

Disasters can cause major damage to businesses even when the owners do everything right. Accidents happen, weather occurs, but a little bit of planning can help reduce the losses:

-Make copies of important documents and keeping them in a secure, offsite location so you don’t lose anything critical due to flooding, fires or other scenarios.

-Creating a technology-focused disaster plan can help you protect any electronics in the workplace and recover your digital files even if your main computer systems are impacted by the disaster. 

Increase the Safety of Your Workplace 

All employers should have a written and tested emergency plan in place. Communicate it to staff as well, they are the best testers of an emergency plan and can offer valuable feedback. Train employees on the protocols and procedures of a disaster, as well as assigning people with roles and responsibilities. Ask them for revisions or additional input to help you execute a safe emergency evacuation. This, in turn, increases the safety of your workplace and helps ensure that everyone in the building feels prepared and understands how to be safe in extreme situations. 

Decrease the Time it Takes to Reopen After a Disaster 

The most important reason to prepare for a workplace disaster is helping to shorten the time it will take you to reopen. The Small Business Administration states that 25% of small businesses do not reopen following a disaster. If your business is your livelihood, that can be positively devastating. Do what you can in advance to prevent damage and have a plan in place for restoring your property and recovering following the disaster and your business can reopen quicker.

If you’re planning ahead to help protect your Ulster County business from a disaster, give SERVPRO of Kingston/New Paltz a call to learn more about our commercial restoration processes and how we can help you recover quickly and get your business back on it’s feet. "Like it never even happened."

How to Tell If Your Kerhonkson Basement Has Water Damage

12/14/2020 (Permalink)

A large and extended puddle of water covering areas of an unfinished basement floor. Don't stress if you find water damage in your basement, call the local experts from SERVPRO of Kingston/New Paltz! We're always here to help!

Whether finished or unfinished, basements are a great way to provide extra storage and square footage to your home and often serve as access points for plumbing, electrical and other household systems as well as extra living, sleeping or playing space. While basements are quite convenient, they also suffer the unfortunate reputation of being harbors for water damage—but fortunately, that does not have to be the case.

It is estimated that around 60% of homes with basements experience water damage, but do not let that scare you. Knowing what to look for in regard to basement water damage is simple and can help you catch small problems before they morph into major issues.

What to Look for to Find Water Damage in the Basement:

Condensation in the Area-

Condensation is what happens when warm, humid air comes into contact with cool surfaces, creating water droplets where it does. Condensation in the basement often appears on pipes, metal and appliances, though it can also be present on ceilings or walls or windows. If you have condensation in your basement, it generally means that the air is too humid, which could point to there being a moisture issue somewhere in the vicinity.

White Spots on Walls, Floors or Ceilings-

When water seeps into an area and then evaporates, it can leave behind white, chalky marks that are made up of the minerals the water contains. This generally means that water has been seeping in through the walls or the floor and is then evaporating away. If you notice any cracks or fractures in your basement walls, this is often where water will be able to seep in and create damages.

Wet Spots on the Floor-

Just as water can seep in through the walls, it can also work its way up through the floor and seep in that way. While this might not result in full-on puddles, you will generally be able to see evidence of wet spots on the floors, which are often especially prevalent after heavy rainfall. This can create musty odors, mold and a humid environment that should be addressed.

If you experience water damage in your basement or anywhere else, we are here to help. You can get in touch with us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for any type or size water damage.

How SERVPRO Helps If You’ve Had a Fire in Your Kingston Home

12/9/2020 (Permalink)

2 firemen going into a home with flames shooting out of a front window Call SERVPRO of Kingston/New Paltz when you've suffered a fire in your home.

Having a team on your side after a disaster and knowing what will be done to restore your home can help relieve the overwhelming feelings after a fire.

SERVPRO of Kingston/New Paltz is always here to help when a fire strikes.

Any time of year is a good time to practice fire preparedness, but homeowners should be especially careful during the winter months. The highest number of home fires occur in the winter, with December being the peak.

Planning for a fire in advance is one of the best ways to keep yourself and your loved ones safe. A fire escape plan and emergency precautions are helpful in the moment, but knowing what to do after the fact can also provide valuable peace of mind. That is where picking a restoration company in advance comes into play.

The Process of Fire Restoration

When you pick your fire restoration company in advance, you want to know that you can call them any time of day and have them respond quickly. Your call will be answered by a live agent, ready to take your information and get help on the way. Not only do we guarantee that for our clients, but we also guarantee that we will send highly trained and experienced technicians to the scene who are well-versed in a variety of cleanup scenarios. Here are the ways we can help:

Structural Cleaning

Correctly repairing a home’s structure after a fire is essential, and it is something we take very seriously. We will work directly with your insurance company for a stress-free claims process and create a custom strategy of remediation. By first performing testing to determine the true extent of the damage, we will then move in with our specialized equipment and begin the restoration process. We handle all forms and level of fire damage, water and extinguisher damage, soot removal and cleaning on walls, doors and floors, and get all surfaces gleaming clean and ready for fresh paint.

Contents Cleaning

With our restore vs. replace mentality, our goal is to bring your home and personal effects back to preloss condition. Restoring contents is typically less costly than replacing all your belongings and allows you to keep the things you already own. We have both wet and dry-cleaning procedures and equipment to ensure each item gets the care it needs, from art to area rugs and most things in between. A full cleaning and deodorizing ensure the items are still safe to use and do not have any lingering odors.

Deodorization Services

The smoke and soot left behind in the air after a fire are harsh and sometimes acrid odors due to the chemicals and compounds in combusted material. We utilize air scrubbers to take care of these particles, not only removing acrid odors but improving air quality once again throughout your household.

Trust the local restoration company that has been restoring your Ulster County community for over 25 years. If you’ve been affected by a fire of any type or size, we’re here to help you recover 24/7 and will make it "Like it never even happened."

Mold Can Grow in Your West Hurley Home Even in The Coldest Temperatures of the Winter!

11/20/2020 (Permalink)

Black, brown and gray mold spore colonies on a white wall in the lower corner of a room. Confused about mold? Call the local pros in mold remediation, SERVPRO of Kingston/New Paltz!

Sometimes you’ll be able to see it, sometimes it can be hiding behind a wall, but mold has a smell that is always distinctive. At times, all you might be able to notice is an earthy, dirty, “off” type odor where it most definitely shouldn’t be. However, mold growth, or microbial growth ALWAYS stems from water damage. So, if you’re able to pinpoint an area where there might be a leak or perhaps an older damage that got out of hand, get to the source of water and have that repaired as soon as possible.

Mold can’t be remediated until its environment is no longer inviting. Though these mold spores naturally occur in the air, an ideal place for it to thrive is damp and above 55 degrees so a basement, crawl space, attic, hot water heater area, toilets, sinks and bathtubs or near a pipe behind a wall, are all good places to start looking. Even circumstances like previous ice damming or a burst pipe can lead to mold growth if the area of damage wasn’t dried out properly to start. No matter the type of structure, commercial or residential, mold can be a nuisance. Our mold remediation technicians see cases of mold throughout every season in the Hudson Valley, it’s not just an issue in the warmer temps.

Contact your insurance company as soon as you notice it too, there are damages that may be covered under your policy depending on the source. Coverage varies from policy to policy and company to company so speaking with your local insurance agent should get you a direct answer whether to file a claim or not. Regardless of that, we’ve got the trained and certified mold remediation experts to handle any type of microbial growth condition you’re facing.

Not all mold is the same, there are distinct characteristics to each spore and therefore to its treatment for removal. A mold assessor, or mold tester is the best way to pinpoint the type of mold you’re dealing with and from there we will come up with the best strategy to remediate it from your home or business.

We understand there are many questions and worries that come discovering mold. SERVPRO of Kingston/New Paltz are the local experts in the industry utilizing the latest technology and products to mitigate mold damage. Our staff will walk you through the process and help ease your worries and our free estimates conducted by our trained professionals will guide you in the right direction to getting the problem solved.

Making property damage "Like it never even happened," since 1992. Call us at 845-255-4334.

The First Steps to Handle Fire and Smoke Damage at Your Kingston Home or Business

11/18/2020 (Permalink)

An image of a clock surrounded by flames and the SERVPRO orange house logo showing in the upper left corner of the image. Time is of the essence when dealing with a property fire. Call your insurance company, then call SERVPRO of Kingston/New Paltz!

What to do, who to call and how to deal with any kind of fire damage brings on a whole set of emotions, choices and decisions that you most likely haven’t had to deal with before and can leave you feeling overwhelmed.

SERVPRO of Kingston/New Paltz is here to help you every step of the way in terms of what to do and not to do in case of a fire. Once the firemen have deemed it safe to go in (in some cases they won’t) and you’ve called your insurance company to file a claim, here are some important things to consider in this situation:

-DO NOT attempt to consume and food or beverages that have been stored close to fire, heat or water damage that might’ve stemmed from the fire suppression. They could be contaminated. Even if the fire was on the other side of the house, smoke and soot will ALWAYS travel and end up inside cabinets, in drawers, even inside closed closets. Soot is made up of tiny carbon particles created by incomplete combustion of fossil fuels (wood, oil, coal, and more). It contains lots of acids, as well as chemicals, metals, soils, and dust. None of this should be ingested and therefore…..

-DO NOT wander around inside the property. Keep your movements limited to help prevent soot particles from getting embedded into upholstery and carpet. Keep your hands clean to avoid further soiling. It’s understandable you’ll want to remove valuables, important papers and the like but this should be done as quickly as possible and with the smallest amount of traveling in and out of the house as possible.

-DO NOT turn on ceiling fixtures, they could’ve gotten wet or damaged and could cause electrical shock. In most cases, the electric has been turned off anyway as to not be a danger for the firefighters. Even if you still have electric, that ceiling fan will only make the soot and smoke fly around more.

-DO NOT attempt to clean carpets, garments, electrical appliances, walls or painted surfaces BEFORE contacting your insurance company AND SERVPRO of Kingston/New Paltz professionals. It’s likely that your insurance company will instruct you not to touch or clean anything, they have an investigation of their own to do.

Once permitted to do so, our trained and certified fire damage restoration techs utilize the most innovative equipment and most effective methods of cleaning smoke and soot from everything in your home, including electronics, paperwork, photos and artwork. Our goal is to restore versus replace. Let our teams take care of the hard part, it’s one less thing for you to have to consider in a time like this.

We will work directly with your insurance company to help get your home and life back to preloss condition as effectively and efficiently as possible. You’ll be amazed at how clean, fresh and back to normal your home or business can be using the experts from SERVPRO of Kingston/New Paltz.

Call us 24/7, we’re always here to help.

Understanding Common Fire Risks of Winter in your Ulster County Home

11/17/2020 (Permalink)

A strand of multi-colored holiday lights laying on a wooden tabletop Make sure your fire risk is low during the holidays. If you experience any damage, SERVPRO of Kingston/New Paltz is always here to help!

Its always wise to consider how to implement fire safety tactics into your daily life regardless of the time of year, but during winter, it is even more of a concern. Winter is the top time for house fires to begin according to the Red Cross, but by being aware of the risks, you can reduce your risks tremendously.

As people cook and bake more, there is an increase in kitchen-related fires every winter season. Additionally, the use of space heaters, fireplaces and holiday decorations all present fire concerns that are worth noting—but by understanding where the risks lie, you can be sure to have an enjoyable winter while keeping fire safety as a top consideration.

The Top Risks of Fires Around the Holidays

Keep safe when cooking. Gatherings with large meals and baked goods are synonymous with winter, but as the usage of kitchens increases, so does the likelihood of house fires. Cooking is always a leading cause of house fire incidents, but you can protect yourself by practicing fire safety every time you turn on the stove. Staying aware of the location of flammable items such as potholders or dish towels and always keeping a fire extinguisher handy can go a long way towards safety.

Heat the house with proper precautions. Warming up your home with the use of a space heater or fireplace is a great way to save on your heating bill, but it is important to always be safe when you do so. Space heaters are much safer than they once were, but only if you are using models equipped with proper safety features. Whether you use a space heater or a fireplace, never leave them going while unattended and always keep flammable items far away from the heat.

Decorate with care. When adding festive, holiday cheer to your home, electrical wiring can be a concern after sitting in storage for the rest of the year. Lights cause many Christmas tree fires each season, which is why it is important to check for frays in the cords and never overload outlets with multiple strands of lights at once.

If you have damage due to a house fire, you can depend on us to help. Contact us 24 hours a day to report damage and get a quick response from our certified restoration technicians.